Big Bertha

You may already know the name “Big Bertha” in the world of slot machines. This machine was designed to accept half-dollar and one-dollar coins, and pays about 80% of what it collects. The container was made to be a propaganda machine, to capture customers’ imagination and desires and understand them in a single mental image.

Well it worked and the fact is demonstrated by the appearance of the Super Big Bertha. This 1.82 x 3.28 meter super slot machine is said to have cost more than $ 150,000 to make it. A 5 horsepower electric motor is needed to move the rollers by half a meter in diameter. With eight cylinders, each containing 20 symbols, there are 25.6 billion possible different combinations. That’s right, BILLION. She is the only one who currently pays $ 1 million in promised maximum payout. A small calculation tells us that with these odds, it is necessary to put as many as 205 billion dollar bets to mathematically cover the possibility of guessing the million dollar super prize. It is certainly not the best type of investment that has been conceived, except perhaps from the point of view of the casinos.

A long-lasting $ 65,093 record was scored in a single dollar throw at Harold’s Club casino in Reno in 1973. More recently (in 2001) a woman won over $ 1,000,000 in an Ontario, Canada casino. And it doesn’t matter that the machine that delivered it was a $ 100 machine for each shot.

In addition to being the biggest source of income, our dear machine has been the primary cause of police raids, indictments, and sentences more than all other forms of gambling combined. Part of the problem is how we play. No other type of gambling creates such a hypnotic suggestion. The term “zombie” has been married to slot machines in American popular culture for many years ago. It has long been observed that it is very difficult to resist the temptation to insert a token into it when the opportunity arises. Even those who have moral gambling problems have shown that they too are affected by this phenomenon. The precedents of this common behavior are quite indeterminable, but they can mostly be attributed to two reasons: one, as soon as you start, is the temptation to insert a chip with the hope of a big win against an insignificant bet; the other is probably the mechanical attraction produced by the machines. The action of playing allows you to see the lights and observe the cylinders that rotate. There is a high level of excitement in slot machine players when they take a much higher jackpot than in other types of gamblers when they make a big win. The complications behind this phenomenon are too complex to be discussed here, but trust the mental expectations and experience of players of every high-stakes game style.