Find the rigged slot machines!

What, do I have this chance?!? Are there any casinos that are currently robbing players?!? NO! Who would stand before such a scandal! Oh, none of us, I’m sure, if we can prove it. In slot machines it seems to me to be forced to say that you are robbed. If you think this, you trust yourself a little too much. It is true that, rigged machines are not a big concern these days, but they are still around, so you still have to be careful of your surroundings. The term “One-armed bandit” didn’t come there by accident; it came from the corruption that moved money in old Nevada. Originally, many machines had twenty symbols per reel, with only ten symbols that could stop on the line. Many say they had a wrong combination, while a winning combination was visible above the outgoing combination, making the player say: Oh, how close I was. But the matter was that the winning symbols just above the payline had no chance of stopping on this line. The trick was that many winning combinations appeared above or below the combination that had come out much more frequently than normal. A machine can have three “ingots” per roll, this normally means that a combination of three “ingots” that wins a jackpot can be made in 27 different ways. Enter the order of ideas that two of these three “ingots” on each roller will never stop on the line, so there is only one possibility to align all three “ingots”, while there are eight possibilities that the fake “ingots” stop a little above or slightly below the payline.

Some wicked operators, on the other hand, do not want to give the player even a chance to guess the combination of three “bars” that wins the jackpot, so they intervene with the “bug”. The worm is a small piece of iron in the shape of a semicircle of about two centimeters, which looks a bit like an insect. screwed on a tooth (the one that controls one of the three “ingots”), when the rollers stop and the rigged “ingot” is about to fall on the winning line, the brake hits the “worm” and slips on it preventing this stop. In this way the “ingot” stops either before or after the payline, if it is the third wheel to be rigged you live a moment of horrible anxiety, because you went very close to guessing the jackpot. If you play a machine that has a habit of slowing down or stepping over the pay line after the reel has stopped, it is ultimately an indicator that you are playing a rigged machine.

But isn’t this very likely in an online casino? Of course, I just wanted to impress you a little about the existence of this unfortunate situation in the past, so that you won’t be too confident in the future. For example, could you investigate everyone you know if they were ever paid once at the casino you are about to sign up for? Yup, that’s right, I’m boring you again with my logic.