Frequently asked questions page

Although there are not a million frequently asked questions when going to slot machines, I consider this page as a work in progress. You are the ones who have to ask the questions. Do not hesitate to do it, get in touch today and we will see if I will be able to find an answer to your request.

Let’s start with the most pressing questions

Where are the losing slot machines?
In other words: how can I win easily and quickly? Do you believe that there is no knowledge that can be acquired in this field? Mistaken. There are a lot of clich├ęs involved in the answer. Since this is a site on online slot machines, I don’t want to waste too much time discussing issues that relate exclusively to casino slot machines, however, some questions still deserve an answer.

There is a number of points to consider. These are the most common places and the reasons to find slot machines that lose the most.

What are the symbols?

The symbols are images, drawings or icons that are distributed around the reels. They can be cherries, lemons, ingots, oranges – or any other easily recognizable image. Originally, Fay’s first machine had bells and common card symbols such as hearts and spades.