list of slots

re taking more chips and playing more slot machines. It makes sense, it works.

In raised carousels – The best paying machines that are visible from almost every corner of the salon also serve to motivate others to put more tokens in THEIR machines. It makes sense, it works.
Near the coffee / snack bar – Casinos often place their best machines in these locations to motivate players on a break to eat quickly and return to the game room as quickly as possible. When a player takes a break to eat or drink he is not using his time to play machines. No play = no profit for the casino.

In Hallway Junctions – Junctions are areas where players must pass to go to another corridor of slot machines. Once again the same principle applies: casinos want slot machine players to frequently see jackpot payouts. From these obligatory passages it is easier to access the various corridors of slot machines, where medium-level and more “mean” machines are waiting for the players to pluck them.

Places very visible from the other corridors of slot machines – same philosophy, same reasons as above.
Kiosks scattered inside the casino – almost all casinos rent space to slot machine manufacturers (Bally’s is a classic example). These kiosks do not necessarily follow the marketing rules of the host casino, and may have a higher percentage of “loser” machines.