Which machines give better payments?

Many players believe that their favorite machine is the one with the best payouts. Is it a legend? I know a lot of friends who are willing to swear it. The “best” payments are established by the purchaser of the machine, consequently they are all regulated according to the specifications given by the casinos (within certain minimum limits imposed by law).

What is a “One Armed Bandit”?
A one armed bandit is simply another way of calling a slot machine. Origin of the term: the lever is “one arm” (the arm), from the fact that they were usually set to never pay off the winnings instead derives the term “bandit” (bandit).

Are Big Casinos Better?
In other words: do bigger casinos pay better than smaller ones? There is no evidence of this, and I personally doubt it. I don’t think the bigger casinos are motivated to place more losing machines around their factory, indeed the high number of “bad” machines gives them a great advantage. Slot machine statistics do not support this idea at all.

Do slot machines have a collection phase and a winnings phase?
Many experienced people claim that they have it but it is not a statement that either it is white or it is black, there are many subtle intermediate phases between a loss phase and a win phase, the machines do not change suddenly from one phase to another. ‘else. If true, and I believe this is highly unlikely, then there is certainly no clear separation between the two phases. My experience and observations seem to suggest that the machines are always in a collection cycle and occasionally release a win. I suggest not to believe that the machine is operating in a certain way for hire.